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With evolution comes a new brand identity symbolising the firm as a leading light by which new horizons are broached. The image of three circles coming together in silhouetted crescent form represents the symbiosis between the firm, its clientele and society. Expressing the strength of local heritage and the force of modern advancements enlightened by innovative thinking, Haya Rashed Al Khalifa, Attorneys at Law & Legal Consultants, is, by design, a symbol for progress in a modern world. Introducing new paradigms of corporate endeavour in the legal arena, Haya Rashed Al Khalifa, Attorneys at Law & Legal Consultants, reflects in its values, Bahrain’s march into the modern era. Associates at the firm are committed to the success of each client. Working as a team and bringing to bear collective expertise, the firm supports the fulfilment of its clients’ aspirations.

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