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Ahmed Abu Baker Al Khouly


Senior Legal Consultant

Areas Of Practice:

Civil & Criminal, Labour Law, Commercial, Administrative Law & Cases, BCDR Laws.

Contact Details:

+973 1753 7771

+973 1753 7117



Ahmed obtained a Bachelor of law degree from the University of Al-Minufiyah, Egypt in 2003. He worked as a lawyer and a legal counsel in Egypt until 2010. After that he joined the Litigation Department at Haya Rashid Al Khalifa Law Firm as a legal counsel.

Since Joining Haya Rashid Al Khalifa Law Firm, he participated in preparing and structuring various types of lawsuits, including civil, labour, commercial, and criminal cases. With an extensive background on commercial and banking transactions, Ahmed provides legal counseling for companies and banks working in and out of Bahrain.

Ahmed is also well experienced and familiar with the rules and procedures of Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution (the "BCDR").



Telephone:      +973 17 537771                             

Fax:                 +973 17 537117

Email:              a.elkholy@hraklf.com           

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